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To maintain dental health we provide a range of services
for our patients

Denture Care

Dentures must be cared for so that bacteria and plaque do not accumulate and cause oral health problems

Dental Implants

Artificial tooth roots shaped like bolts that are implanted in the patient's jaw to replace the missing tooth roots

General Dentistery

The rols of the general dentist is very important to ensure safe and effective dental and oral care

Cosmetic Braces

isn't just a toothbrush enough ? Of course not, even braces users really need dental floss to keep


Teeth that are severaly damaged by decay or injury and can no longer be repaired through corrective action

Restorative Dentistry

The results of dental procedures that aim to restore the shape, function and appearance of teeth

About us


Dr. Yash Jaiswal

BDS | Dehradun

We strive towards perfection which is why all our cases are based on the concept of Digital Smile Design. In our work we are led by modern protocols of digital dentistry, modern technology and we continuously educate ourselves.

3000 +


1700 +


1100 +

Tooth Implants

900 +

Tooth Alignment



What a nice new facility! Coming into the office, it is clean, bright, and nicely appointed. The staff is professional and greeted me right away. I liked being able to get the new patient paperwork to have completed before coming to their office. The wait was under 5 minutes. Dr. Yash Jaiswa BDS Uni First is professional, friendly, and attentive. The equipment is clean, new, and up to date. The computer screen is right in front of you, so you can see what they see. They also explain it to you very informative.”

Shivam Tiwari



I have undergone root-canal surgery and molar extraction from Dr.Yash Jaiswal. Would highly recommend him to anybody who is in need of any dental procedures. During my consultation, he very patiently explained the procedures that had to be done. The only issue that really concerned me was the pain associated with these treatments, but Dr. Yash assured me that there would virtually be no pain at all. And contrary to popular belief, the root canal surgery and the molar extraction were almost painless.

Sneha Dubey

Molar extraction


I had visited at least 3 other dentists before I went to Dr. Yash with my dental problem. All the other dentists charged me heavily and failed to relieve me of the terrible tooth ache. Dr. Yash's treatment plan was spot on and within 2 visits I was relieved of my pain which others couldn't treat for almost 3 months. he is truly a skilled dentist and I am glad that I found the best dentist for me and my family. I continue to recommend Dr.Yash as the best dentist to all my relatives, friends and others too who are searching for a dentist.

Arpit Shukla

Tooth Implant

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